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Hard to believe on a cold winter’s day, but Derbyshire was once part of an immense coral reef in a warm, Pacific style ocean. It does however, mean that the Peak District is a fascinating region geologically, filled with fossils, caverns and rock formations, some of which you’ll find here.

Castleton: the only place in the world where the semi-precious stone Blue John is found and mined in these caverns: Blue John Cavern, Treak cliffe Cavern and Speedwell Cavern

Castleton is also home to The Devil’s Arse, a huge cavern, and Mam Tor, also known as The Shivering Mountain, site of a Bronze Age fort, and well worth a climb.

Poole’s Cavern Buxton: a two-million-year-old natural limestone cave.

Heights of Abraham: guided tours take you through the Rutland and Great Masson Caves and you reach the site on the top of the hill by Cable Car!