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Landscape Photography Days in the Peak District National Park with Chris Gilbert.

As a keen photographer, if there’s one thing more exciting than taking a great photograph it’s knowing how to take a great photograph. Photography is a fascinating mix of technical and artistic skills, and whilst the knowledge and techniques required to take great pictures are not particularly obvious they are easy to understand and easy to learn. It’s all about making the camera do what you want it to do!

On a day out with Chris you will be taught the technical and artistic skills that matter and have a chance to put them into practices in the Peak District, perhaps visiting some of the out-of-the-way places that only truly local knowledge will take you to.

The day is organised according to your needs and schedule, whether that means working with Chris before travelling on to Baslow, heading to Chris’s HQ in nearby Cressbrook or Chris visiting you here at Fischer’s.

Insurance is not provided, but Chris will not be suggesting any dangerous or risky activities, although he will ask you to sign a disclaimer before embarking on the field trip.

COSTS : £139 for a day’s 1:1 tuition or £73 per person for groups of 2 or more, including a packed lunch and transport.

Please contact Chris directly should you wish to book this activity or if you have any questions : or call 01298 871958

For more details, please see Chris’s website :


Max has sourced a wealth of plants and vegetables from specialist local markets and nurseries to reflect what was grown in the garden in bygone years, delighting the senses with their abundance of subtle colours and perfumes.